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Mireko Electronic Company Limited is 18 years experienced leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables & Accessories in China which is located in Shenzhen City. Our factory is located in Guangzhou city, capital of Guangdong province. Mireko provides one-stop service of research-produce-sale-logistics for more than 100 countries all over the world.

Mireko focuses on FO cable development and production for 18 years. Our main products include power fiber optic cable (ADSS, OPGW, OPPC cable), ACSR & AAAC, Hardware fittings, FTTH drop cable, Outdoor & Indoor fiber optic cable, Special fiber optic cable, OND products,and other fiber optic cable accessories in China.


GYFTY53 Loose Tube No-Metallic Armored Cable

GYFTY53 Loose Tube No-Metallic Armored Cable

GYFTY53 is an Double Sheath Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable of non-metallic strength member, loose tube layer stranded filling type, with Polyethylene inner sheath, non-metallic fiber reinforcement, and LSZH outer sheath.

Mireko Electronc Company Limited, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables and Accessories in China for 18 years, is proud to introduce its newest product: 1×2 Steel Tube Optical FWDM. T...
How To Protect ADSS Cables During Transportation And Construction?
GYXTW53 structure: “GY” outdoor fiber optic cable, “x” central bundled tube structure, “T” ointment filling, “W” steel tape longitudinally wrapped + ...
Main Parameters of ADSS Cable
ADSS optical fiber cable works in an overhead state supported by two points with a large span (usually hundreds of meters, or even more than 1 km), which is completely different from the traditiona...